You can feel happy if you want……

Having good or bad experiences in a relationship is obvious, as relationships are like that only. Sometimes I feel relationships are so simple. You just need to implement simple principles of communication and emotional intelligence and you can win every one. Sometimes I feel how complex it is. Even after knowing, what and how to do, I failed to do the things in required manner.

Does it happen with you also?

Well, I know it happens with all of us. It’s not a big deal. …

Few months back, When I was doing research on “Relationship issues”. I came across a term called ‘CODEPENDENCY’ in relationships. I found it relevant, interesting and highly needful. I thought people must know more about it, at-least their awareness about this subject can help them to notice something really wrong in their life.

I know you are also feeling curious to know more about it. Just to make things simple. I would like to ask few questions to you:

  • Do you think and feel yourself responsible for other people’s feelings, actions, well being or choices?
  • Do you feel anxiety, pity…

Few months back I had visited my hometown which is based in north India. I had some experiences over there which has given me the idea to share some of the mentalities of people, especially women who say that they have changed but actually they have not.

Sandhya Rathee- Leader of the Movement “End the Toxic Relationship & Live Free”

This is in context to failed marriages, divorces and how society looks at the woman who is divorced or who has been going through the challenges of broken marriage I would like to summarize the challenges here like legal problems, mental & emotional trauma, loneliness, fear, financial crisis, uncertainties about future. …

Sandhya Rathee

A Coach, Break up Mentor, An Author, Speaker, Passionate about toxic relationships, Personal message- End the toxic relationship & Live free.

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